Every Australian Resident pays tax, but to maximise your tax refund or to reduce any tax payable it is something tax requires tax experts assistance. It is the ticket to a well-oiled and better-functioning democratic country. When taxes are paid, the government can use the funds to start new schools, colleges, hospitals, or complete infrastructural developments.

The tax money also funds the facilities offered to the less fortunate people of the country. While paying taxes on time is compulsory, it does not mean you should overpay taxes. You can get tax refunds that will reduce the amount you must pay to the government. Here are some ways you can maximise your tax refund. You can claim a tax deduction for using your work bag that you purchase.. Avoid claiming a tax deduction on luxury bags. But, you can include bags that carry the materials needed for your job. It includes a backpack, satchel, handbag, briefcase, or bag that will fit your work equipment. Calculate and Prepare Car Mileage Excluding the trips from your home to the office, you can claim travel expenses.

It includes the trips you make related to work like an off-site client meeting, visiting another branch of your office, using the car to go to a work-related conference. You must substantiate the kilometres claimed using the cents per kilometre or logbook method. Include Self-Education Expenses When you enrol for a course to increase your skills or boost the income earning capacity in your current job, you can include the expenses to reduce tax.

You can add the price of books, journals, magazines, and newspapers purchased to enhance your skills. Advance Payment Of Investment Property People owning an investment property can maximise their tax returns by paying in advance for the insurance, strata fees, or necessary repairs on the property/properties. Our Tax experts believe prepaying expenses may have tax advantages and can benefit you. Get A Receipt For Charity Donation You can get a 100% tax deduction for donations to charities. It comes under deductible gifts. Payment Of Union Fees Consider including the membership and union you pay to professional associations. It comes under tax deductions. Keep the payment receipts or prepay the fees to get benefits. Occupation Specific expenses can be claimed to he;p reduce your tax, People working as firefighters, office workers, and public servants can get tax deductions for their occupation expenses.

Contribute To Superannuation A mid-to-high-income person earning less than a $27,500 annual cap can get tax deductions when they make concessional contributions to the superannuation. Consider making an EOFY (end of financial year) transfer into the superannuation from the post-savings. Work-From-Home Claim You can consider the WFH (work-from-home) claim introduced by the Tax Office during the pandemic to get a refund. Maximise your tax refunds by seeking assistance from Blucity Tax. The tax professional team can help you with your personal or business tax returns. With expert assistance, you can complete the tax returns to get a maximum refund. The accounting services will meet the expectations of the clients. Tax professionals can sort out various accounting intricacies to make the process easier. You can save the day by accessing help from the experts.

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